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Dr. Lee, since you are referring men and women to snopes at this point, you should also let them know about the Fb group Does Bravecto Kill Fogs to allow them to see reports of true side effects. Also, snopes is refusing to show An additional side to this story.

She had no fundamental disorders and that tablet killed her. Even a Merck vet (to whom I spoke) agreed specified the timeline, Bravecto was in all probability the lead to.

As long as you will be making use of it abruptly (similar day), it’s most likely Okay, nevertheless it’s not “covered” this way in the event that there are any troubles, because it’s not In accordance with veterinary tips or the drug suggestions.

Terry Body My girlfriend had a little toy poodle named Bijou, she was provided this medication about 7 months in the past and within 24 several hours she was lifeless. her veterinarian said it couldn’t be the medication although my girlfriend experienced taken her several times for the veterinarian without any undesirable effects been supplied to her besides from this new medication.

I’m so sorry to hear regarding your Canine. In my professional viewpoint to be a professional toxicologist, it appears like a tragic incidence of coincidence, as the way in which lots of of these products work, they don’t have an affect on the bone. There are absolutely some immunosuppressives/immune-altering drugs or environmental toxicants that were connected with greater threat of cancer that may but for a toxicologist, this doesn’t in good shape how the mechanism of action, elimination, distribution, metabolism, and so forth.

You should err around the side of warning and don't use these (or any OTC) poisonous flea treatments with your pets.

It’s not meant to become dosed that way. I might get worried it’s likely to dessicate out (dry out) in the event you stored it. In case you’re dosing each dogs at the exact same time, it’s likely considerably less of a difficulty, but I’d Check out with your vet being Harmless!

Thanks for responding Dr Lee – I think the fact that our vet has saved her lifestyle without the doxycycline proves it isn’t lepto. I do think he could’ve considered that if it presented inside our place.

Certainly, my vet advised me to separate them into equal parts to offer to numerous dogs and it's got worked flawless for two years now! Good luck

Claire Muller I usually puzzled if it had been the chewable flea 6 month dog flea pill med that introduced maddie down. She died of lymphoma from the skin last year. I hope duncan finds maddie

Hi, so sorry to listen to with regard to the loss of people’s pets to this monster. I way too just experienced a loss of my beloved bearded collie within the hands for Bravecto. Bravecto is usually a KILLER! Usually do not GIVE to your dogs! I'd a four year previous bearded collie that went to the vet on Wednesday was Offered A CLEAN Invoice OF HEALTH, prescribed Bravecto and after that died less that 24 several hours later soon after getting it!

Poor examining comprehension? I’d love to see you producing a piece over a website dog flea bath dawn in my mother tongue, lol! Why do you want me off your Website? Since you are aware that what I say makes sense…?

Thanks for that quick response Justine! Is there Significantly behind these rumours of dogs dying from Bravecto or is it clinically unproven still?

Remark herding dogs and collies is often highly allergic to medication for mites and fleas. There is actually a test your vet can perform to discover If the Puppy has that reaction.

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